Why to ride a Fixie / Single Speed bike?

Approximately a year ago I have been cruising streets of my hometown on a fat, heavy and dirty mountain bike. I started looking around for something else and I fell in love with one geared bikes. You may ask: “Why shall I buy a bike on which I cannot change my speeds? That must be horrible to ride!” Well, that thinking is wrong and here are 5 reasons why you are going to fall in love with single speed bicycles.

  1. Weight

Single speed bikes have only one gear which makes them lighter compared to multi-speed bicycles. Many brands also use aluminum or thin steel to fully utilize the opportunity of making single speed bikes as light as possible. Usual weight of single speed bike ranges from 9 to 14 kilos.

  1. Look

Aggressive, fresh, raw, sexy or racy are all adjectives which perfectly fit when expressing how good your single speed beast looks like. Thin frame, minimum additional components and stylish color mix are all pros which make you and your steed look on point.

  1. Exercise

Quads like stones and lungs like balloons are what you can expect from riding a single speed bike. No possibility of changing your speeds might make you work harder but additional cardio session on a way to school or work is only a benefit (unless you are a muscular gorilla and cardio is your worst nightmare).

  1. Freedom

No thinking about what speed mix is the best or whether the slope is steep enough to change your gearing are only pluses which give you a bigger freedom to enjoy your right to the fullest. More head space for enjoying your favorite song, appreciating the beauty of nature or talking to your fellow cycling friend are what single speed bike has to offer.

  1. Compliments

“Nice bike, dude! What a beast?! You´re rocking it!” Wanna here that while cruising the streets on your bike? Than get a stylish single speed in an epic color mix and you will become the king or the queen of the biking lanes in your area.