10 Must Have Bike Accessories for Every Deliveroo Rider [Part 1]

10 Must Have Bike Accessories for Every Deliveroo Rider [Part 1]

Working as a Deliveroo rider, Uber Eats messenger or Thuisbezorgd delivery girl can sometimes get pretty tough. When it starts raining and you instantly become wet from toes to head, it really is no fun. However, the right gear can often provide a tremendous help. For example, great gloves that keep your fingers warm are a real game-changer once the temperatures drop under 5 °C. Therefore, here is a list of my 10 essential cycling accessories that every food delivery guy should definitely get!


1. Strong Bike Lock

Don’t even dare to go out into your shift without a proper bike lock. Whether you work for Deliveroo in Netherlands or Uber Eats in UK, bike thieves are everywhere! A strong bike lock will save you from the unwanted surprise of coming out of a restaurant and seeing an empty bike rack. This Blusmart chain lock is my favorite middle ground when it comes to strength, weight and price. It also uses a 5 digit code system and so you don’t even need to worry about any additional keys. Get your’s here for 17,99€.

2. Waterproof Phone Mount

This one really is a game-changer for any Deliveroo rider. As much as you think you know the city, few unknown addresses pop-up all the time. With this waterproof phone mount, you ain’t getting lost even if it rains. In addition to its functionality, a sleek design only makes it more of a must-buy item. Get yours here for 14,49€.


3. Strong Bike Light

First of all, here in Netherlands it is by law that every cyclist needs to have a bike light. Second of all, have you ever been delivering at night and you just couldn’t find your customer’s house because street lights were out of order? You say no? Than you aren’t delivering long enough. It happens all the time and in situations like these, strong bike light is a lifesaver. Additionally, people and cars will spot you from a long distance and you will definitely feel safer. Grab yours here for 28,89€.


4. Winter Bike Gloves

I think that all of us know that tingling feeling in our fingers that we get once in a while. Sometimes it’s from an excitement or happiness but  other times it’s from cold, rain, hail, snow, thunder… I think you got the point. It’s not pleasant and especially not when you need to work on your phone and accept orders. Therefore, good quality gloves with touchscreen fingertips are a must! These are my personal winner mainly because of material, durability and an excellent price. Check them out here and grab yours for just 15,99€.


5. Bluetooth Earphones / Headphones

Bluetooth headphones aka. the lifesaver of every bike messenger and Deliveroo rider. The cable times are far behind us and if you don’t own a Bluetooth pair of headphones yet, it’s finally the time to snag one. You can let google dictate you the way to your customer, listen to your favorite playlist, audiobook or a podcast. I would say that after the gloves, this is the second thing on this list you just must have! Check these out over here for just 19,99€ but if you have some funds saved I would highly recommend considering a pair of Apple Airpods. They are simply incomparable!





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