Amsterdam Deliveroo Rider Tips, Tricks and 100€ Referral Bonus

Amsterdam Deliveroo Rider Tips, Tricks and 100€ Referral Bonus

Do you want become an Amsterdam Deliveroo Rider and make some extra bucks while at university in Amsterdam? Are you still not sure whether it’s the best job for you? Fear no more, you found the best place on internet to get some honest hands-on opinion from a guy just like you who came to Amsterdam and gave Deliveroo a shot so he can share his experience with you!

Most probably you have quite a few questions before committing to become an Amsterdam Deliveroo Rider. While Deliveroo Rider FAQ can offer many answers there wasn’t everything I was looking for before I started. Thus here are 5 more extra questions, which you most probably have and you couldn’t find answers to regarding Amsterdam Deliveroo rider job:


1. Can I really work whenever and wherever?

Well, technically yes, theoretically not really. How it works, is that you have 5 different delivery zones in Amsterdam for which you have assigned one hour slots through out the day from 10 am to 10 pm to which you can apply as a rider once you have all your gear and freelancer contracts in place. These slots can often get filled and thus if you want specific times, you need to be extra fast every Monday at 3 o’clock when the spots open for the following week. However, this is only applicable for the non-peak hours of morning and early afternoons. During the true peak lunch and dinner hours, the demand for riders is so high that the slots are always open and thus you can take your Deliveroo backpack after school and go make some bucks in the evening any day you feel like. Overall, it really depends on flexibility of your schedule, so don’t worry you will get a grasp of it in matter of days.


2. Do I need Dutch phone number and how much GBs of internet will I need?

Firstly, you might be able to work with Deliveroo even with your foreign number, however the rider app can sometimes have problems with recognizing it and thus you will have to get a Dutch one. Regarding that, it’s pretty easy. For example you can get a SIM only subscription for 10€ a month and through this link you will get extra 16.5€! So, basically you’ll have month and half for free. In that 10€ subscription you already have 2GBs of internet which should be sufficient for the job. However, if you plan to work more than 4-5 days a week, 4GB of internet might be a more appropriate option.


3. How many orders can I make per hour?

Good question! It really depends on time of the day you work but as a rule of thumb I would say between 2-4. It can be getting more towards 1-2 in the earlier morning hours between 10 and 14, however if you deliver in the peak hours of 6-9pm, you are fast on your bike and you are not getting lost between Amsterdam’s canals you can definitely get in even 4 orders which is an incredible money for that effort. Check the next one for an estimate of how much you can make 😉


4. How much money do these orders make me?

This is probably the number one question you are looking for so let’s dive right in. With 2 to 4 orders an hour you can make anywhere between 12 and 20 euros every hour. Pretty mind blowing amount for a food delivery rider, isn’t it? In practice, it means I am making more per hour than my friend who works at a cafe as a barista, as well as my other friend who works as a waitress and only highly skilled jobs like tutoring could make me more money than this. So if you are in this for money, you found what you were looking for.


5. How hard is the job (honest opinion)?

On scale 1 – 10, I would place it somewhere between 7-8 physically, however only 2-3 mentally. Basically you are just cruising through the city with few pizzas on your back. Not such a big deal for your brain, however it sometimes can get quite demanding on your legs. If you are not used to move and cycle regularly for extended hours, you might need some time to get used to it. But don’t worry, it won’t take much more than few days of sore legs and some hard times getting up the stairs after your shifts.

100€ BONUS

If you got all the way here, you most probably mean it with this job pretty seriously. That’s great, I can’t recommend it enough, so far I am making great money and really enjoying it. So if you want to apply and got extra 100€ after your first 30 deliveries, here is the special link to do so. For your information it is a referral link thanks to which I will get a commission as well, so we will both greatly enjoy our bonuses after you make your first 30 deliveries. Also it is valid for all cities in Netherlands so feel free to go and apply for Deliveroo Rider in Rotterdam, Breda, Den Haag, Tilburg and all other Dutch cities where Deliveroo makes people’s bellies happy.

If you have any further questions, just hit me up in my mail box: and I’ll get to you ASAP, we can even agree on a meet up or schedule a call if you really want to get a feel of what to expect from being a Deliveroo Rider in Amsterdam.