Deliveroo vs Thuisbezorgd: Pros & Cons Of Working As A Takeaway Rider

Deliveroo vs Thuisbezorgd: Pros & Cons Of Working As A Takeaway Rider

For an outsider, both Deliveroo vs Thuisbezorgd look nearly the same. Both companies provide food deliver directly to your home. Both employ many young students and part-timers. And both use bicycles as a sustainable way to get their food to your door. However, for a student who is looking for a well-paid part-time position, these companies offer slightly different benefits. So let’s look at what suits you the best and which food delivery company in Netherlands should you apply to as a rider.


1. Thuisbezorgd

  • hourly paid wage
  • provide you with branded e-bike (lent)
  • provide you with clothes and thermal bag (lent)
  • you need to be 18+
  • video interview
  • flexible hours
  • mainly dutch customers


2. Deliveroo

  • paid per delivery
  • provide you with clothes and thermal bag for free!
  • you need to be 16+
  • personal interview
  • flexible hours
  • mixed customers (bigger international presence)
  • EXTRA BONUSES for hard-working riders


Deliveroo vs Thuisbezorgd, which one should I choose?

Well, that depends completely up to you and up to what you are looking for in a job. Frankly, they really are very similar, however one might suit you better than the other. Personally, I have chosen to work for Deliveroo and I’ll tell you why.

First of all, the contract at Deliveroo is way less binding that the contract with Thuisbezorgd. As takeaway riding is just a supplementation income, I wanted something where I could quickly apply, get equipment and start riding the same week. Deliveroo allowed exactly for this!

Secondly, I had my own bike which I love and I wanted to use. At Thuisbezorgd, you are given an electric bike which you can’t be taking home and that just creates less flexibility on your working time schedule. Also, lent bike might work for many people, however you should keep in mind that you become responsible for any damage done to it which is a burden you need to be aware of and which I didn’t want to carry.

Lastly, Deliveroo offers many extra bonuses which really attracted me the most. Once you apply and do your first 30 deliveries in 60 days you get an extra 75€ bonus. Additionally, if you apply with a referral link like this one you get another 100€ bonus on top of the 75€ and anything you earned for deliveries done in the same period. Other than that, there often are extra bonuses for work in bad weather, during national holidays, peak hours or extra incentives if you fulfill many orders in little amount of time.


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