Pure Fix Urban Fixie Road Bike

Pure Fix Urban Fixie Road Bike

Combining speed, style, and affordability, the single-speed Fixie from Pure Cycles is ideal for those getting back into biking after a few years away or who just want to get a feel for riding fixed.

What to love on Pure Cycles Fixies

Fundamentally simple and simply fun, the Urban Fixie Road Bike starts with an elegant urban geometry frame made from durable high tensile steel and hits the road with the flip-flop rear hub — enabling you to choose how you ride (either fixed or single speed). ThickSlick tires provide additional protection against punctures which is just one huge benefit to how sick they look. Pure Fix Urban Fixie Road Bike also comes in unbelievable 26 different color combinations and you will be having a hard time choosing which one you like the most.


Choose from 26 different color combinations HERE!

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