Top 5 Ass Savers for your single speed adventures

Top 5 Ass Savers for your single speed adventures

Dirty back, wet ass and water dripping from your jeans. We all are very familiar with sudden cloudbursts which usually hit us completely unprepared. For these situations there exist ASS SAVERS! Ass saver is basically a foldable fender which protects your ass from getting wet. You can easily carry it around in your backpack and put it on just in a case of a rain. This way your fixie still looks on point but most importantly your ass will be dry whenever the storm comes. Here is the list of 5 best looking ASS SAVERS which can serve you very well out there on the muddy bike lanes!

Number 5

Pure City Mini Fender Set

0.15 pounds or 70 grams per fender makes these permanent mini fenders one of the lightest on the market. If you don´t feel like putting on the ass saver each time when it starts to rain than get pair of these. They fit any bike with brake bolts and come in 4 different colors: Black Reflective, Gloss Black, Matte Black and White.

Number 4

SKS X-Tra Dry

Quick-release strap grabs onto seat post or seat tube making SKS X-Tra Dry easy to put on immediately when it starts to rain. Pivot behind the quick-release strap enables you to change the angle to precisely protect you from the water and mud. Either White or Black this long, narrow ass saver is suitable to any kind of wet-weather cycling. 

Number 3

 Ass Saver Wide (ASW-1)

ASW-1 snaps into place on the saddle’s front rails in seconds and requires no tools. It also fits almost all saddles with standard rails, including carbon rails. With incredible weight of only 25 grams this original wide Ass Saver made out of 100% recyclable material is a way to go.

Number 2

Pure Fix Ass Saver

When not in use, fold up and store underneath your seat for quick deployment the next time you are out riding in the rain or on wet roads. That is the biggest  benefit of this Pure Fix Ass Saver. In variety of colors with imprinted inscription of PUREFIX this ass saver is especially created for fixed gear riders.


Pure Cycles City Fendor Bendor

This rear fender allows you to easily mount it when the weather gets wet, and roll it up when the sun comes back out. Ideals for riding in the cities with surprise showers or anyone who hates wearing the streets on their clothes. Sick design and great applicability of this Ass Saver is what got it to the first place.