Top 5 Cycling Caps to Help You Fight The Sun and Sweat

Top 5 Cycling Caps to Help You Fight The Sun and Sweat

Cycling caps: an over-hyped, unnecessary accessory or a good and helpful companion for your only one gear adventures? Definitely the later one. A good cycling cap holds firmly on your head, protects your eyes from the burning sweat as well as provides some shade for your face to not look like a crab after the full day of riding. Let’s look at the top 5 cycling hats that I think will serve you well not only from the functionality point of view but also from the stylish one.


Number 5

Bleiou Pirate Cycling Cap

Let’s start with something nice and cheap. This cycling cap by Bleiou is a little different from others on this list as it doesn’t have a shade, however the thick headband and great price/quality ratio compensate for this fact. It comes in 4 different colors for an amazing price of 7.99$, keeps your eyes and/or sunglasses sweat free as well as keeps your hair nice and tidy under the helmet. Perfect for anyone with a slightly longer hair which tend to get out of control.


Number 4

Bleiou Bicycle Cap

If we started with Bleiou why don’t we also continue. The No. 4 on my list of  Top 5 cyclist’s caps is the regular cycling cap sold again by Bleiou. It comes in 3 different designs, possibly of one of your favorite road cycling teams, Tinkoff SAXO, Shimano Racing Team or IAM Cycling. The same perfect price/quality ratio applies to our number 4 cap as it did for number 5. Additionally thanks to even stretchier material, even the cyclist with the biggest heads will be pleased with how fitting this cycling cap is.


Number 3

Giro Classic Cotton Cycling Cap

You can never go wrong with a classic cotton cap from the top-notch cycling brand that Giro certainly is. This cap provides a bit of a shade from the sun, a layer of insulation when it’s cool or windy, and it wicks sweat when the heat rises, too. Designed to be worn under a helmet, it is thin enough to fit without bunching and light enough to practically disappear when you put it on. For a very acceptable price of 10.78$, quality cotton material and 7 different color variations it is the perfect candidate for the bronze medal on this list.


Number 2

RockBros Cycling Sun Cap

The Rockbros cycling cap is made out of high quality polyester mesh fabric which is durable, breathable and anti-sweat. Unlike the previous cotton cap from Giro, the polyester mesh fabric dries way quicker and thus makes it a more suitable hat for longer sweaty rides. With its awesome UCI World Road Champion rainbow stripe design and great price of 9.99$ it acquired an astonishing second place.


The Winner

Headsweats Cycle Cap

The material, look and number of pleased customers make this head simply a no brainier winner.  Made with Headsweats’ special Eventure knit fabric , this is one of the most comfortable cycle hats in the business. Not only will you look good, but the Eventure terry sweatband will help keep sweat out of your eyes and off of your face. If you are looking for function and fashion this is your cap. Perfect alone or under a helmet with a feature of reflective strip on bill for additional safety at night. Dries 3 to 4 times faster than cotton, comes in 4 colors and costs 17.04$.


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