Top 5 good looking helmets to complement your fixie

Top 5 good looking helmets to complement your fixie

Helmet is an important part of the gear of every single speed rider. It provides head protection which is crucial whenever you find your self in any kind of an accident. From minor unexpected falls to getting hit by a car, helmet can save your life. Depending on your locality, helmet might actually be a must and supported by law. Therefore, here is a list of TOP 5 helmets in which you are not gonna look like a total dumb-ass and which might eventually save your life.

Number 5

Docooler Bicycle Helmet

Sleek looking Docooler Bicycle helmet weights around 450 grams, comes with adjustment wheel, strap that guards your chin and 4 different color designs: Black, White, Blue or Red. The extended brim helps to block the sunshine to provide full comfort while riding your sick looking fixie.


Number 4

Sunki Original

11 vents designed to force cool air in and warm air out, 3 different sizes to fit everyone’s head and 7 different colors to appeal all demands. Silver, Red, Yellow, Blue, Black, White or Pink, it is just up to you which one you pick and rock your single speed swag in it.

Number 3

Critical Cycles CM-1 Helmet

Critical Cycles’ new CM-1 literally has you covered for all your adventuring needs. The CM-1 has 10 expertly placed vents, giving your head superior temperature regulation at any speed. With its sleek looking matte coloring in Bamboo, Pink, Black, Graphite, Blue, Slate or White you will have no problem with finding the one which matches your personality the best.

Number 2

Bern Watts Summer Hard Hat

Even though Bern Watts Summer Hard Hat is technically not a helmet but rather hard hat as its name states it, its lit design got it on the second place. The little brim creates perfect shade to protect your eyes against the sunshine Matte Black, Matte Grey, Matte Neon Yellow or Matte Blue are perfect colors to make you look on point even when wearing a helmet (or hard Hat in this case).


Triple Eight Certified Helmet

This Triple Eight Helmet complies with U.S. CPSC safety standard for bicycle helmets and is one of the few certified helmets with such a sleek look. In many different colors you can choose the one which you like the most and it will come with an extra padding to better customize fit.